The Menu

The Prognotus menu has 5-7 categories depending on the level of access.

First two tabs will be used the most.

Dashboard Clients
  All Clients
  Clients by Funder

The third will help you lookup/manage Progress Notes.

Progress Notes
Caseload Unreviewed
New Unreviewed
All Unreviewed

The remaining tabs are less useful to most users.

User Team Reports Billing Admin
Time Card Team List Print/PDF List Billings Current Users
Caseload Billable Activity Group Billable Activity CSV Export New Billing List Users
Caseload Plans Client Plans Charts   Add Client
My Client Plans       Admin Dashboard
        Service Types
        Add User

Help menu contains links to this manual.



The Prognotus Dashboard, like the dashboard of a car, is designed to give the user with at a glance information. Contents of the Dashboard may vary by a user’s group.

Dashboard Image

Status and Updates

Displays important messages.

Progress Notes

Displays your total notes marked “Incomplete”. These are notes that need fixed in some way (e.g. rewritten, finished). Those in the QA group will see a total count of all notes in the current group marked “Incomplete” as well as “Needs Review”. Old drafts are also displayed here.

See also

Quality Assurance for more information.

Recent Progress Note Comments

Displays comments made on any notes you have written. Once a QA person has commented on a note, standard users are able to add additional comments to the note.


  • Displays the oldest five Events that have not been linked to a Progress Note, and also provides a total count of unlinked notes.
  • Lists the last seven days of jail Events for the current group.


Displays the five oldest expired Plans that you created, and a total expired count.



Lists the Clients that have been assigned to you (your caseload).


Lists the Clients that you marked as a favorite.

All Clients

Lists all clients in your current group.


Tme Card

Basic time entry and time card creation. See Time Card.

Caseload Billable Activity

Lists Progress Notes marked “Billable” with time totals of clients in your caseload.

Caseload Plans

Lists Client Plans you in your assigned caseload.

Client Plans

Lists Client Plans you own/created.


Team List

Lists your group/team members, each user’s caseload, and provides a link to each user’s Progress Notes.

Group Billable Activity

Lists Progress Notes marked “Billable” with time totals of clients in your current group.

Client Plans

Lists Client Plans for the current/active group.


CSV Export

Provides a form for creating a comma-separated values CSV file, which can be opened in any spreadsheet program. Fields used are dependent on the report.


Bar graphs showing Face-to-Face, Attempted Face-to-Face, and Telephone contacts.

See Reports for more information.


The billing menu is available to user who are members of the Accounting group.

List Billings

List billing history for the current group.

New Billing

Provides the form for new billing for the current group.


Admin menu is not available to all user groups.

Current Users

List users who currently have unexpired Prognotus sessions.

List Users

List users who have you listed as their supervisor. Lists all users if logged in as an administrator.

Add Client

Provides users, with appropriate permissions, a form to add new clients.

Admin Dashboard

Administration page for those in the admin group.

Service Types

Lists Prognotus Service Types. Groups with appropriate permissions may rename or add Service Types.

Add User

Visible to those in the Administrator group. Provides a form to add new users.

See Administration for more information.