Visual Elements

Icons and images used in Prognotus are listed below. The icon functionality aims to be consistent throughout the application.

Icon Descriptions

Add Icon Add
Adds an association between one object with another.
Alert Icon Alert
Used to indicate a high level of importance.
Calendar Icon Calendar
The Client event calendar. (Not Functional)
Clear Icon Clear
Clears information or starts over.
Delete Icon Delete
Permanently deletes an object and all associations.
Delete Caseload Icon Clear Caseload
Removes Clients from a Users caseload.
Edit Icon Edit
Modifies an object (Client, Plan, Progress Note, etc). In the case of Progress Notes a red shaded icon indicates “Incomplete”, gray is “Unbillable”, and green is “Billable”.
Info Icon Information
Used to indicate new or interesting information.
Key Icon Key
Lock Icon Lock
Used to indicated an object is secured from editing.
Medical Icon Medical/Health
A Client’s Medical or Health information. (Not Functional)
OK Icon OK
Used to indicate an event worked as expected or a good outcome.
Creates a PDF file formatted for printing.
People Icon People/Caseload
Show Clients assigned a to particular user.
Pharmacy Icon Pharmacy
Client’s Medications. (Not Functional)
Remove Icon Remove
Removes associations between objects.
View Icon View
Shows a summary of an object (Client, Plan, etc).
Warning Icon Warning
Indicates important information.
Work Icon Work/Employement
Employment Section. (Not Functional)
World Icon World/Internet
Opens a map on the internet to the address listed.

Alert Notification Levels

Prognotus has four levels of alerts: Information, OK, Warning, and Alert.

Alert: Info Image

Alert: OK Image

Alert: Warning Image

Alert: Alert Image