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Human Service & Case Management progress notes and client tracking software.

What is Prognotus?

Prognotus is a private project for use by Community Support Advocates and Mainstream Living, Inc..


Prognotus assists with the service delivery documentation and related agency activities.


Prognotus will be down for scheduled maintenance every Friday at 4:00 PM.

Prognotus Requirements

Prognotus is a web based application which is accessed via a web browser. Firefox is the primary browser used during testing and development, and is therefore the recommended browser. If you should experience issues while using another browser try Firefox. Firefox is free and also has built-in spell checking, which is a useful feature.

Prognotus uses JavaScript (a scripting language) and cookies for some functionality and should be turned on in your browser.

Allowing you browser to remember passwords is generally a bad idea, especially with passwords that access HIPAA protected information or other private information. To disable password storage in Firefox click Tools ‣ Options... and then click the “Security” icon. Ensure that “Remember passwords for sites” is unchecked.

Note: There are known issues using Internet Explorer with Prognotus.

Prognotus Resources

Prognotus Manual for online viewing.
Prognotus PDF Manual for offline viewing. (Computer)
Prognotus Presentation for offline viewing.
Prognotus 10 Minute Tutorial

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